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Leica BiosystemsLeica's DM series of clinical microscopes are well-established in laboratories across the National Health Service. The DM2000 is suited to the bench microscopist wishing to use a uniquely ergonomic microscope for complex clinical applications. The Leica DM2000 is available in two versions, with bright halogen illumination or with long-life LEDs. With theirsophisticated modular design and high-performance fluorescence, the Leica DM2000 microscopesare ideal for complex tasks in pathology,cytology, and many other applications. They may be configured with a variety of optics and contrast techniques to meet the specific requirements of demanding applications.

The DM4000 platform is designed for more advanced and automated imaging challenges and is the model of choice for many consultants in the NHS. Compatible with a variety of user-friendly software packages and camera systems, the Leica DM4000 B LEDis the ideal microscope for life science research and clinical applications. Its intelligent automation supportsa coded 6x or 7x nosepiece as well as thefully automated transmitted light and fluorescence axes.Parametersare displayed andstored to provide reproducible results. The Contrast Manager supports transmitted light (brightfield, darkfield, phase and polarization) and fluorescence contrast methods. It allows users to switch from one contrast method to another with a singleclickof a button - adjusting all relevant settings automatically saving precious time.

Leica DM2000 with LED

Leica DM4000 B with LED

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Vision Source product specialist, David Knipe, heads up this new business division for Vision Source. With 20 years’ experience in this increasingly sophisticated and technology-driven market, David is looking forward to continuing well-established user relationships while introducing new customers to the products from Leica Biosystems.